Treat me


(if you’d like to gift something from my Net-a-Porter or Gifthero wishlists from afar, contact me for a mailing address if we’ve met in person or send an egift card if we haven’t)

Gift cards are especially appreciated from:


  • Sunrise Movement - a coalition of young people working to stop the climate crisis.

  • SWOP - a group dedicated to fighting violence and stigma against sex workers worldwide.

  • St. James Infirmary - an occupational health and safety group that provides healthcare and other resources to sex workers.

Particulars, Favorites, Suggestions

Loves: beautiful women, atemporality, the smell of jasmine after the rain, magical realism

Composers: Stravinsky, Beethoven, Saint-Saëns, Bach

Architects: Tadao Ando, Mario Ciampi, Louis Kahn

Authors: Toni Morrison, William Gibson, Margaret Atwood

Artists: James Turrell, Do Ho Suh

Flowers: Peony, ranunculus, gladiolus

Tastes: Acquerello, Omakase, Atelier Crenn, Saison

Dates: Lazy Bear, Akhob, rooftop bars, the symphony, the opera

Sizes: 2 (US), XS/S, 10 (US) shoe