To avoid any miscommunications or misconstructions, please place the patronage (ideally within an envelope) in an easily visible place during the first few minutes of our visit. If we meet in public, I appreciate a subtle placement; perhaps in the pages of a book or tucked inside a card.

1 hour - $1200
2 hours - $2000
3 hours - $2500
4 hours - $3000
6 hours - $4500
14 hours - $6500
24 hours - $8500

Inquire for longer engagements. I am happy to discuss arrangements on a weekly or monthly basis as well as private travel (to or with you). I come equipped with a passport.

Please note that cancellations made within 48 hours (and all cancellations whilst travelling) are subject to a cancellation fee at my discretion. I prefer to trust my clients are the kind, trustworthy people I know them to be, but I may require a deposit for dates 4+ hours in length. Let me know as soon as possible if something arises and I will do my utmost to accommodate changes in schedule and location.